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Roof Windows & Skylight Installation & Repair In Basingstoke

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Do you want to transform your property to make it look brighter, lighter and welcoming? One of the best ways to do it is by installing roof windows or skylight on the roof of your residential property. Roof windows and skylight both bring natural light into your home and can easily transform the darkest of the room into a cosy space. Also, the energy savings it offers positively affect not just your wallet but also the environment. While both these are used interchangeable, they are not the same. Roof windows bring in light but can also be opened for ventilation. Skylights, on the other hand, are fixed windows and do not open. Beacon Basingstoke offers a wide selection of roof windows & skylights for your home, including remote-controlled roof windows for rooms with high ceilings. Whether you are looking to have a new skylight or roof window installed or repaired, our team can help!

Beacon Basingstoke Roofing is the leading roof windows and skylight service provider in Basingstoke. The functioning of roof windows and skylights greatly depends on the skills of the installer. When installed incorrectly, it can start to develop problems soon after. Our expert installation technique ensures a completely watertight seal to prevent leaks and provide you with the beautiful roof you deserve. We provide the best and long term solution for your roof windows and skylight needs at the most competitive prices.

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Top Reasons to Install Roof Windows or Skylights in Your Basingstoke Home

Roof windows or skylights can easily be installed in any part of your house. They are quite versatile and are perfect for different areas such as the living room, dining area, bedroom, office, bathroom, kitchen, attic, loft conversions, or hallway. Discover the many benefits that roof windows and skylights offer.

Get more natural light into dark spaces such as dark corridors and rooms cut off from outside walls
Increase the livable space in your house and get an extra room for office, study, storage or even hobbies
Improve the home’s ventilation to prevent condensation and mould issues

Eliminates the need for lights in the house, which helps reduce your energy bills

Increase thermal comfort all year round and keep the residents comfortable no matter what the weather outside
Improve sound insulation and keep out sound pollution if you live on a busy street

Add to your home’s value and attract the right buyers

Basingstoke Roofing Skylight and Roof Windows Services

Beacon Basingstoke Roofing offers a wide range of skylight and roof window services, including installation and repair. Our skilled team can install new skylights or roof windows to your new or existing property as well as repair different types with ease. We ensure your skylights and roof windows are functioning as they ensure perfect installation and fixing problems like leaks.

Our Roof Windows and Skylight services include:

Roof windows skylights
  • New Skylight and Roof Windows Installation

  • Skylight Flashing Repairs

  • Skylight and Roof Windows Repair & Maintenance

  • Custom Skylights and Roof Windows

  • Skylight and Roof Windows Upgrades

  • Reglazing of Existing Roof Windows and Skylight

Talk to our experts about what you need, and we will do our best to provide you with exactly what you need. Since proper installation and repair are critical for the protection of your property, we ensure the final results are secured and impressive.

Different Types of
Roof Windows and Skylights

We provide a wide range of roof windows and skylight options depending on your roof type, home design and your preferences. Some of our offerings include dome mounted skylights, deck mounted skylights, solar shades, balcony windows, centre pivot, top hung windows, flat roof windows, and many more. We can help you pick the right roof windows for your home and the best locations on your roof to ensure a seamless installation that is on time and cost-effective. Our team has installed hundreds of skylights and roof windows and guarantee installation job with a beautiful finish. We focus not only on the aesthetic result but also on ensuring they are installed properly to prevent leaks or other problems. We use the highest quality materials from the top manufacturers that are then installed by experienced and qualified installers to make sure you are happy with the result. We can also provide custom-order roof windows and skylights to perfectly match the exterior and interior of your house.

New Skylight and Roof Windows Installation

The Beacon Basingstoke
Roofing Difference

Custom Skylights and Roof Windows

Our roof windows and skylight service crew are among the best-trained crew in the Basingstoke area, offering professional skylight repair service. It is the reason why we are the first choice for skylight and roof windows installation and repairs. We are licensed and bonded, giving you peace of mind knowing that you will not have to bear the cost of repairs if something goes wrong. We have contacts with the best manufacturers allowing us to secure the best materials and deliver the best service possible. Our friendly and hardworking roofing crew is dedicated to their work and goes beyond their limits to provide you with the excellent service you deserve. Let us know if you need any lead roofing & lead work done on your property, give our office a call for a chat on how we can help.

Our Guarantee

Customer-Focused Service

Excellent Reputation

Years of Experience in the Industry

Fully Qualified and Licensed

Fully Insured

Competitive Prices

Timely Completion of Project

Long Term Guarantee on Materials and Workmanship

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and Skylights Experts Today!

Each home is different, and not all of them are suitable for both roof windows and skylights. In addition, the installation of roof windows or skylights can be a technically complex project, and even the smallest of mistakes can push your costs up. Thus, it is recommended to consult with a professional about your options and then for the project itself. Our experts can evaluate your roof’s slope, the sun’s position, and the roof itself to help you figure out which type of windows would be perfect for space. Help us understand your needs, and we will be able to provide you with a cost effective solution. Give us a call today to learn more about our roof windows and skylight Basingstoke services, or get a free quote!

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