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The roof is one of the most important structural elements of your commercial or residential property. It is important to take appropriate preventive measures to ensure the roof lasts its expected lifespan while providing robust and reliable protection. Not taking proper measures to periodically inspect, maintain or repair the roof whenever needed can prove expensive in the long run.

Why? No matter how good the quality of roofing material you use, it does suffer from normal wear and tear. Whether it is UV rays, tree limbs accumulation, water dam formation on the roof, tiles damage, asphalt shingles cracks, or anything else, you need to ensure that the problem is identified and fixed immediately. When left unchecked, the roof of your property can unexpectedly give rise to many other issues, including water leakage, water damage, ceiling collapse, etc. The roof problems can easily spread through other regions of the property, and it would need extensive and expensive repairs. And, it would cause unwanted and unwarranted expense you might not be prepared for.

However, even when you take all the necessary precautions, the roof might betray you when you least expect it. In such times, you will need the immediate assistance of professional roofing specialists.
Beacon Basingstoke Roofing is one of the most trusted names in the region, offering emergency and general roof repairs Basingstoke. With years of extensive experience in the roofing business, we are the go-to roofing company for hundreds of commercial and residential clients in the region.


Fast, Reliable, and Trusted Emergency Roofing Contractor in Basingstoke

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We know the stress you might be going through when there’s water damage in your property or if you have a leaky chimney. If you have an emergency at hand, you can’t trust just any roofing contractor without cross-checking. You need trusted hands to deal with the roofing issues at hand; else, the problem can get much worse.
At Beacon Basingstoke Roofing, we have dealt with hundreds of emergency roofing situations over the years, including damaged chimney, leaky roofs, storm damage, roof collapse, siding damage, and more. No matter how complex the roof damage during the emergency, our skilled, licensed, insured, and bonded team of highly qualified roofers are well-equipped to get the situation under control in no time.

Emergency roofing services are different from general roof repairs and need special expertise and years of experience. Moreover, a fast response is a key factor when there’s a call for emergency roofing services. Our team at Beacon Basingstoke Roofing is ready and available 24/7 to ensure our clients don’t have to wait for hours before the help arrives. Time is of the essence during an emergency when the water is dripping down in your home or commercial facility. If the help arrives after a long time, the damage is already done.

We at Beacon Basingstoke Roofing clearly understand the gravity of the situation and have an emergency response team ready round the clock to answer any distress calls. Most of all, we don’t take advantage of the situation and break your bank. We offer high-quality emergency roofing and general roof repair services at the most competitive prices in the market.

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Some of the common causes of emergency and general roof repairs are

Even with proper maintenance and timely inspection, the roof can get damaged unexpectedly at times. During such times, even if the problem seems minor, it is essential to note the problem and get it professionally fixed. The roofing systems are often interdependent. So, a problem at one end of the roof can soon spread to the other end, enhancing the damage and increasing repair costs. Some of the common causes of roof repair are:

  • Strong Winds

  • Fallen Tree Limbs

  • Harsh Environmental Elements

  • Lightning Strikes

  • Fire Damage

  • Harsh Weather Conditions

  • Pests and rodent Infestation

  • Ageing

  • Heavy Snowfall and Heavy Rainfall

  • Presence of unwanted insects and animals

Common Signs
of Roofing Emergency

When there’s a roofing emergency, you’ll know anyway. However, some of the roofing emergencies are not always obvious. Your roof will initially give hints that it needs helps, and ignoring these signs can add to your stress and expense later on. Some of the common signs of roofing emergencies are:

Water Leakage

If there’s water dripping from your roof, it is time to call in professional help. The emergency is not only when there’s a substantial amount of water pouring in, but even when just tiny droplets are making their way through the roof. It is because these tiny droplets would soon open the floodgates, leaving substantial damage to the property and your valuables.


If you notice tiny holes or cracks in your roof through which the sunlight comes in, it is time to call emergency roof repair services. Delaying would only add to your problems later on.

Missing Shingles

Roofs missing shingles is nothing new. Most of the shingle roofing systems lose a shingle or two now and then. However, if this happens too often, there must be more than what meets the eye. Maybe there’s damage to the substrate on which the shingles are applied, or there’s water storage underneath the shingles, causing shingles to scrape off easily. Whatever may be the case, getting the roof professionally inspected and repaired is essential.

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Types of Roof
Repair Services Offered

At Beacon Basingstoke Roofing, we offer a comprehensive range of emergency roofing services and general roof repairs. We have helped our clients safeguard their property during emergencies by meticulously and swiftly fixing their damaged roof. Our expertise in handling complicated roof damage and issues has helped us win the trust of our residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Basingstoke. Some of the common types of roof repairs we perform regularly are: 

Gutter Cleaning

Shingle Repairs

Fascia Replacement

Leaky Roof Repair

Flashing Repairs

Foam roof repairing

Shingle Replacement

Gutter Repair and Maintenance


Beacon Basingstoke Roofing
– The Name You Can Trust!

Beacon Basingstoke Roofing has developed a strong market reputation in the roofing landscape of the region through years of providing quality, reliable, and economical roofing services to its clientele. Our team of well-trained roofers are licensed, insured, and bonded, and we only offer branded and industry-warranted roofing products and services. We are transparent in our approach when it comes to the roofing services we provide, whether it is the timeline of the project or the cost.
We never charge or add any hidden costs to the final bill, and you only pay as initially discussed. Winning our clients’ trust is our first priority, and we go to lengths to make that happen. If your property has suffered wind/storm damage, roof is leaking, and for any other types of roof repairs, give Beacon Basingstoke Roofing a call today. We are available to cater to your emergency roofing needs round the clock!

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