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Lead work is a common element used on the roofs in old and new buildings. Lead is a heavy metal that is soft and malleable and can take any shape when heated. However, when they harden or are converted into sheets, they can easily last for about 80-90 years and even more. It also does not rust easily and is non-combustible, making it perfect for use in the roof. Because of its reliable properties and its ability to handle different weather conditions, particularly for Basingstoke, it is used for different roofing purposes in many different ways.
Our roofers at Beacon Basingstoke Roofing are licensed and trained to use lead in different ways, including welding, lead flashings, valleys, box gutters and sheeting. Even though lead has been used for years, new techniques are being developed to use lead safely and effectively for different roofing purposes. Our lead work crew keep themselves up-to-date with the latest techniques to provide you with the most efficient services. We have been carrying our lead work on roofs, chimneys, and even decoration and much more for our residential and commercial clients in Basingstoke.

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Top Reasons to Use Lead Work in Roofing

Lead is considered to be one of the best roofing coverings for numerous reasons. The most unique feature of lead work is its flexibility. It expands and contracts with temperature change and do not crack like copper or lead alternatives. It also works alongside other elements on your roof and against them. Here are some other benefits of lead work in roofing 

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  • Lead is an eco-friendly product and is recycled. It means they do not harm the environment and a great option for eco-conscious customers.

  • Lead work is very strong and water-resistant. It offers great protection against any weather condition, including rain, snow and storms.

  • Even though lead is a manmade product and has a low carbon print, there is no compromise on its strength and durability.

  • Lead is cost effective and can easily last for more than 100 years without the need for much maintenance.

  • Lead is not only strong but, when done correctly, looks attractive on the house or commercial property.

Leadwork requires years of practice and should never be attempted by a novice. If not performed correctly, they can cause damage to your roof and can even lead to injuries.

Our Comprehensive
Lead Work Services

Lead is highly toxic and needs to be handled with utmost care. It can be dangerous for people who work with it daily without proper precaution and safety gear. However, when used on roofs, they do not have any toxic effect. Thus, leadwork should only be performed by professionals and those with the training to use it correctly. Beacon Basingstoke Roofing are highly skilled in all types of leadwork – from the installation of simple roof flashing at valleys to other complex leadwork like dormers, we can do it all. All our leadwork projects are completed by trained and skilled roofers who use the correct installation techniques to ensure they last for many years. We also offer emergency & general roof repairs to all customers in Basingstoke, so give our team a call to discuss further. Our leadwork services covers, but are not limited to


Lead is a great roofing material, and our team has installed hundreds of lead roofing for our residential and commercial clients across Basingstoke. Apart from the roof, our team can also install lead for vertical cladding or dormer window cheeks. Our team has years of experience working with lead and can perform these jobs with the highest attention to detail and without any hassles.

Chimney Flashings & Gutter Lining

Lead flashings are used on the roofs to prevent water from entering the house through the space between the chimney and the roof. Lead flashings are also installed between the junction of the roof and the external wall. Lead flashings are the perfect remedy to prevent leaks into the property. Often moisture can enter the property through the space between the roof and the chimney. Water leaks can easily be prevented with the use of our lead work by professionals. If your roof has concrete gutters, we can install lead gutter lining to provide your gutter system with extra protection and extend its life by many years.


While lead is a practical material, it is also used as a pleasing decorative feature as they are soft and can be easily shaped. Many of our clients choose to install detailed lead scallops on their building as an attractive feature. Our team is experienced in customized decorative lead work and helps you improve the curb appeal of your property with ease.

Other Services

Our skilled leadwork crew is an expert in lead bossing and welding for your roof whenever needed. We can also install lead vertical panelling on the exterior walls. If you have any exposed area on the roof after a storm, we can perform lead cornicing and capping to provide additional protection. We can also perform leadwork repairs on your roof or the exterior walls for any damages done by other unprofessional roofers or extreme weather conditions.

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Why Choose Us For
Lead Work in Basingstoke?

At Beacon Basingstoke Roofing, we pride ourselves in performing leadwork with extreme precision and to the highest standards. Our team has built up their skills and experience by working on numerous projects across Basingstoke. We are constantly updating our techniques, and it is the reason why we invest in improvement programs and training of our leadwork team members. If you are looking for a leadwork specialist for any type of leadwork, trust our team to provide excellent results that won’t require any additional work. Here are just some of the top reasons to choose us for leadwork.

Years of experience

Competitive prices

Team of licensed and bonded leadwork specialists

Always on hand for any assistance needed

Member of Lead Contractors Association

Available for emergency leadwork


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For any leadwork on your residential, commercial or industrial property in Basingstoke, get in touch with us today! We cover a wide range of leadwork services, from roof installation to repairs. Our experienced and licensed team has the knowledge and skills to take on even the most complicated of leadwork projects.
To learn more about our leadwork services or schedule a roof inspection, give us a call today!

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