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What is Asphalt Roll Roofing?

Metal flat roofing

What is Asphalt Roll Roofing?

Asphalt Roll Roofing is a type of roof that uses asphalt as the primary material. Asphalt Roll Roofing is a roofing product that is manufactured and installed in a large sheet. It is typically installed in commercial and residential buildings with a flat roof.

Advantages of Installing an Asphalt Roll Roof

Asphalt roll roofs are the newest and most efficient way roofers install a roof. This type of roof is made from pre-made sheets of asphalt that are heated and then pressed into the shape and size of the roof. The asphalt roll roof can be installed in a fraction of the time it would take to install a rolled tar and gravel or another type of traditional roof.

An asphalt roll roof can also be installed without any significant structural changes to your home, which means you save money on labour costs. Your home will also have better insulation, which means you will have better energy efficiency rates.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using an ARR roof:

  1. Durability – Unlike traditional shingle roofs, which can crack and peel away from your home after years of exposure to weather elements, ARRs have proven themselves to be highly durable. They don’t need any maintenance at all! You won’t find yourself having to replace them every few months like with conventional roofs. In fact, they last up to 10 years on average. That means you will save money on repairs down the road.
  2. Low Maintenance Costs – If you want to keep costs low when maintaining your property, this is definitely one option worth considering. With ARRs, there aren’t any special tools required to install them either. All you really need is a hammer and nails. Plus, if you decide to hire someone else to help out, their rates tend to be lower than those associated with installing regular shingles.
  3. Energy Efficiency – People choose ARRs because of how energy efficient these products actually are. When installed correctly, they offer excellent insulation properties. Not only does this mean that your house stays warm during cold seasons, but it also helps reduce heating bills throughout the year. And since they use less electricity than other materials, you could even earn back some of what you spend on utility bills each month.
  4. Easy Installation – One thing about ARRs that makes installation so easy is that they come pre-cut into standard sizes. So no matter where you live, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a contractor who knows exactly how to put them together. Once everything is ready, simply lay them flat onto your roof and secure them with screws. No complicated cutting or measuring is involved here.
  5. Versatility – While ARRs may not look very different from other kinds of roofs, they still provide plenty of versatility. For example, you can easily customize them depending on whether you prefer a dark colour scheme or light colours. Or maybe you would rather go with something more modern looking instead. Whatever style suits your needs best, you can always count on ARRs to deliver results.
  6. Cost Savings – Finally, another benefit of choosing ARRs is that they cost much less than other options available. On top of being affordable, they are also easier to maintain compared to other roofing systems.
  7. Ideal for Low Sloped Roofs

Roll Roofing is perfect for low-incline roofs. It can provide needed protection from external threats such as leaks, heat, moss etc.

Disadvantages of Asphalt Roll Roofing

There are some limitations to the use of roll roofing material in residential homes and commercial buildings, as the installation process could be complicated.

This type of roof is much more practical in everyday spaces like workshops, garages, tree houses & small shops. It’s much easier to install than a typical roof because it doesn’t need roof rafters, metal skirts or flashing.

Rolled roofing comes in black or white- for those wanting to have a house with a different colour scheme, this may pose a disadvantage.

In conclusion, one downside of a rolling roof is that you’ll have a less attractive roofing material. This is especially the case if people look for high-end properties.

Types of Roll Roofing

Roll roofing comes in a wide range of styles and materials, most commonly for low sloped surfaces. These are the most popular types.

Rubber Roll Roofing

The most common type of roll roofing is made from materials such as sawdust, recycled tyres and slate dust. Maintaining it is also very easy. A method of overlapping is usually used for installation, which is simple and easy.

Bitumen Roll Roofing

Two different types of asphalt roofing are available: self-adhesive and cold adhesive. Both forms are combined in the Bitumen roll roofing. Maintaining your bitumen roof will keep it in good condition for a long time.

Rubber Membrane Roofing

The rubber roofing, also known as EPDM roofs, is lightweight because it is made from inexpensive rubber. Rubber roll roofing can be applied using simple methods. When properly maintained, the roofing is one of the most durable ones. Because it is self-adhesive, it prevents leaks from the roof.

Choosing Which Asphalt Roll Roof Is Right For Your Home Based On Your Needs

Asphalt roofing is a cost-effective roofing material that can protect your home for up to 50 years.

Choosing which type of asphalt roll roof is right for your home can be daunting. There are many options available in different colours, textures, finishes, and styles. Understanding the benefits of asphalt, choosing the right style with the best features for your location and needs is vital in finding the perfect match.


How long does an asphalt roll roof last?

The average lifespan of an asphalt roll roof is about 5 to 10 years.

Is asphalt roll roofing waterproof?

Yes, asphalt roll roofing provides protection not only from water but also from fire and strong winds.

Is roll roofing cheaper than asphalt shingles?

Yes, roll roofing is cheaper than asphalt shingles. Do you need underlayment for rolled roofing

Can I put roll roofing over shingles?

Yes, because both roll roofing shingles are made up of the same material – asphalt.

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